30 September 2005


In case readers miss her comment, Linda Oakley has very properly pointed out that there are a number of people who give their time to Ideas 21. I happily acknowledge them. Those who spring to mind are Eve, Dee, Roland and his staff in Manchester and Richard Gallafent in London but there may be others. They all do a good job. I thank them for their efforts.

Blogging is supposed to be spontaneous which means that errors sometimes get through. I meant to say in "Making Money from Crime" that I had not been to any "Last Tuesday" (that is to say London Tuesday evening meetings) but I have certainly been to many Manchester ones. I have also been to at least one day time event as well as a talk on advisory opinions on 1 July which was brought to my attention and booked through Linda.

The only reason I haven't been to quite so more this year is that we have moved to the Media Centre and as I don't have time for two trips to Manchester per month I have to make a choice between the Manchester Inventors' Group and Second Tuesday meetings and, up to now, more of the former that have caught my interest than the latter. But that may not always be the case. I went to both inventors groups' meetings when I was working in Manchester. The Second Tuesday ones were always very good.

Linda is certainly a better source of information about Ideas21 than me. She says in her comment that she can be reached on 020 8780 9017 at any time. I had found it difficult to reach her in the afternoons on the four or five occasions that I have tried to call her last year but perhaps I was unlucky. Ideas21 also has a comprehensive events diary on its website the address of which I have previously supplied.

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