28 September 2005

betfair.com British Invention Show

I have just received an email from Linda of Ideas 21 reminding me that the "betfair.com British Invention Show" will take place at the Alexandra Palace between 20 and 23 October 2005. Not only that, but Linda is offering to host Ideas21 members' exhibits on the Ideas 21 stand.

Ideas21 appear recently to have increased their sub to £35 + a £5 joining fee, but for that you get access to the private bits of the Ideas21 website, a book by James Dyson, the bloke who invented the cyclone vacuum cleaner, and a load of pencils as well as £5 discount on admission to Second Tuesday talks in Manchester. I have been told that Ideas21 also let members of some other inventors' clubs into their events for no extra cost but you will have to ask Linda about that because I have never been able to understand the rules. Her telephone number is 020 8780 9017 and the best time to catch her tends to be the morning.

If you are already a member of Ideas21 and you want to take Linda up on her offer you should email events@ideas21.co.uk ASAP.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you are posting this information. ideas21 is able to give preferential rates to its members who wish to exhibit at the show. This is one of the benefits of belonging to an organisation such as ideas21. You mentioned in a previous blog that you have never attended a Second Tuesday Club talk - many of us remember you attending several such talks and indeed participating. ideas21 is occasionally able to hold 'free' talks, this is when we have a sponsor. There are many other people in ideas21 who give up their time for free to make ideas21 work I think it would be nice if you mentioned their names too - you have met all of them! If anyone would like to receive correct information about ideas21 please feel free to call me on 020 8780 9017 - mornings and afternoons.

Linda Oakley

John Lambert said...

Quite right Linda. I meant to say "Last Tuesday" in London. I have been to Second Tuesday talks and corrected the post below.