27 September 2005

Making Money from Crime

In the past this blog has mentioned meetings of the Second Tuesday Club which holds meetings in Manchester. I should have mentioned that there is also a Last Tuesday Club which meets regularly in London. Linda Oakley of Ideas 21 appears to run both. I have not actually been to a Last Tuesday Club talk (though I have been to two other events in the Smoke organized by Linda) and they have both been very interesting.

It appears that the London meetings are very much like the Manchester ones except that the London ones are free. There is a talk in the Patent Office after which everybody slopes off to "The Witness Box" just up the road. I may have spent a little too long in that establishment in my first 6 months pupillage in common law chambers because I never took to crime, personal injuries or divorce law. That may explain why I now do IP.

Appropriately, tonight's talk is on crime - "Making Money from Crime" to be exact. The speakers include Deborah Leary and Lorraine Gamman as well as patent agent Richard Gallafent. If you want to come, call Linda 020 8780 9017 or email her at events@ideas21.co.uk. Advance booking is essential for security reasons.

I had intended to go to the Last Tuesday meeting after Smith & Williamson's seminar on "The commercial implications for SMEs of owning intellectual property - How to identify, value, exploit and protect intellectual property" at the Institute of Child Health between 12:30 and 18:30 today which looks really good, but professional commitments and distance render that impossible. If anybody wants more info, call Julie Barlin Tel - 020 8492 8600 julie.barlin@smith.williamson.co.uk.

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