21 February 2020

FFIWS - Another Resource for Inventors, Designers and Makers in North Wales

Jane Lambert

In The Pontio Centre: A Resource for Inventors, Designers and Makers in North Wales 14 Dec 2018 I wrote about the FabLab at the Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre in Bangor. I have recently learned of another resource for inventors, designers and markers on the other side of Snowdon at Porthmadog.

The resource is known as Ffiws and is to be found at 125 High Street just a short walk from Cadwalader's ice cream parlour which is not just a Welsh but a UK culinary treasure. FFIWS's website describes it as "a co-operative maker space" containing a variety of different high-tech equipment, as well as electronic equipment and hand tools.

According to the website, the equipment includes:
  • a 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • CNC Machine
  • Heat Press
  • Mug Press
  • Sublimation Printer
  • Vinyl Cutter
and more,  There are pictures of some of those items on the website.

The website states that this is a pilot project to create a community of makers and to give everyone the chance to access high-tech equipment.  The objective is to encourage creativity and teach new skills. It is hoped that the community will be able to take ownership of the space and to carry it on beyond our pilot project.  This project is one of a growing number of initiatives to encourage inventors and startups in Northwest Wales (see Jane Lambert Resources for Inventors and other Startups in Northwest Wales 5 Feb 2019).

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