30 November 2005

WIPO: Advice to SME - IP Panorama

The WIPO has produced the first module of an entertaining audio-visual introduction to IP and IPR in conjunction with the Korean Intellectual Property Office and the Korea Invention Promotion Association. It takes the form of a dialogue between a young woman called Susan Harrison who owns a "private business" and a patent agent called Dr Gibson.

It is an excellent introduction to the topic and it makes some excellent points. It starts with the almost Marxian analysis of the transition of the world into a knowledge based economy. The dialogue contains some wonderful catch phrases like "business as usual" is not an option. It stresses the need to identify intellectual assets through an IP audit. Finally, it ends with a short test which I am glad to say I passed.

This is the first of 10 modules. The following are promised for the end of this year: marketing (trade marks and industrial designs), invention and patent, trade secrets. copyright and related rights. Next year, the re should be patent information, licensing, e-commerce, IP and trade and IP audits.

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