11 November 2005

Tips for Inventors - No. 6 Wise Words from Dyson

The only time I've ever won a raffle was at the Ideas21's World IP Day celebrations at the Melton Mowbray in Holborn on 26 April 2004. Top prize in the raffle was a Dyson cleaner. We must have been among the first people in the country to buy a Dyson when they first came out and my wife found it rather too clunky for our small flat in Fetter Lane. When it came to replacing the cleaner she chose an Oreck which she finds more to her liking. But we found a good home for the raffle prize with my mother in law who seems to be quite satisfied with it.

I mention all this because I have just come across an excellent article on the Dyson website entitled "Help for Inventors". It consists of 4 pages:
- Why Patents are Important
- Getting a Patent,
- Costs, and
- Useful Contacts.
Most of the links are the usual, but there are one or two that are not found everywhere, like Inventorlink. Altogether, some very good stuff.

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