30 November 2005

The Korea Invention Promotion Association

Even more intriguing that the IP Panorama was the notion of a Korea Invention Promotion Association. Its ambition is to make everyone in Korea into an inventor. It is exactly the sort of thing we need in this country but it is alas the last sort of thing we are likely to get.

According to its chairman, "The Korea Invention Promotion Association is an organization specialized in promoting nation's intellectual property rights and commercialization for patent technology under Article 32 of the Invention Promotion Act, fulfilling its mission of implementing projects in the interest of inventors with efficient system."

The Association appears to provide:
- funding for commercialization;
- support for patent transfer
- support for patented technology valuation
- patent valuation; and
- an e-market place.

It is interesting that Koreans seem to regard globalization as an opportunity for improving living standards and the environment while our business and political leaders dangle globalization as a threat.

1 comment:

G Holloway said...

Note that the inventor’s interests are paramount.

Won’t happen in the UK. We all know that the whole idea is to steal from inventors, not protect and encourage them.