03 October 2005

Patent It Yourself Book Review

One of the best blogs on IP is Dennis Crouch's "Patently-O". I have referred to it several times here and on my other IP/it-Update blog. Dennis has started a weekly book review on his blog and has kicked off with a book by David Pressman called "Patent It Yourself" which is now in its 11th edition and is available from Amazon in the USA for US$32.99. Weighing at 512 pages it seems pretty good value for money.

Dennis writes that he was inspired by this book to become a patent attorney. In his own words:
"It sharpened my already keen interest in the field and gave me an opportunity to learn basics of patent law terminology and practical patent application practice. When I wrote my first patent application, this book was there by my side. I have to say that Patent It Yourself is still the best introductory resource book that I have seen for an inventor or new patent professionals. "

He recommends it not only to inventors but also to professionals. High praise indeed! He does, of course, explain that it is only an introduction and that it is no substitute for professional advice.

For my money, the best introduction to IP in this country is "The Inventors Handbook" written by my neighbours Peter Bissell and Graham Barker on the NESTA website. A good follow up is their book "The Business of Invention" which is available from their website at http://www.abettermousetrap.co.uk/. Peter will be at the Leeds Inventors Group at Central Library on 19 Oct 2005 at 6pm. Don't miss him.

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