22 September 2005

Leeds Inventors Group: from Strength to Strength

We had a really good turnout for Brian Corbett and Bob Middleton at the Leeds Inventors Club yesterday. They unveiled their training course for inventors and gave plenty of tips on licensing, product development, funding, marketing and distribution.

The Leeds Club is now well and truly established. We now have our own website thanks to Ged Doonan. We meet every Wednesday on the top floor of Central Library at 6pm. We have a full programme with Peter Bissell, author of "A Better Mousetrap" and "The Business of Invention" on 19 Oct 2005, Terry Singleton and Clayton Roudette on 16 Nov 2005 and Dr Barry Stoddart of P & G on 21 Dec 2005.

The Inventors Group is only one of many services of the Business and Business Services of Leeds Central Library. There is also a regular patent clinic staffed by local patent agents.

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