08 January 2015

Digital Business Academy

The Digital Business Academy is a collaboration between TechCity UK, Cambridge University Business School, Founder Centric and University College London to provide students with the skills they need to start, run, or join a digital business. There are 8 courses which are delivered online and through which students can work at their own pace.

Those courses are as follows:
  • Size up your idea – UCL
  • Turn your idea into a digital business – UCL
  • Develop and manage a digital product – Founder Centric
  • Make a marketing plan – Cambridge University Judge Business School
  • Build the brand – Cambridge University Judge Business School
  • Understand digital marketing channels – Founder Centric
  • Run a digital marketing campaign – Founder Centric
  • Master finance for your business – Cambridge University Judge Business School.
I signed up for the programme and have already completed the first part of the first course. Teaching is delivered by short videos and articles. There is also a networking forum. I shall let you know how I get on.

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