17 September 2013

Inventors' Diary

Two events likely to be of interest to inventors and their investors are:

For more information on both events, seem my article "Forthcoming Events: Angel News VCT and EIS Investor Forum and Anne Fairpo to speak to AIPPI UK on the Patent Box" 16 Sept 2013 Patent Box blog.

04 September 2013

Anne Fairpo: Tax Planning for the Patent Box

In my article on the Patent Box Roadshow of the 4 My 2013 I described the "patent box" as a "valuable tax concession to encourage invention in the UK." It came into force on 1 April 2013 and I set out the basics in
"The Patent Box - Legislation, consultation, debates and Anne Fairpo on tax planning" 18 Aug 2013 IPNW. Because of the importance of the concession we have set up a specialist blog on the Patent Box and R & D Credits which pools chambers' resources on the topic. You will find among other things all the roadshow slides and handouts on that site.

On 13 Sept 2013 we are looking at the patent box in greater detail with a presentation by Anne Fairpo, an authority on IP and taxation, entitled "Tax Planning for the Patent Box".  Anne will speak at Liverpool in London at 4 Royal Mint Court, London EC4N 4H3.  She will be supported by patent attorney Barbara Cookson and Michael Sandys, head of IPof the law firm Broudie Jackson Canter.  The session will start at 12:00 and finish at 14:30.

The event is free but as we have space for only 15 people so if you want to come you have to book in advance. You can do this through Eventbrite at https://fairpo-on-the-patent-box.eventbrite.co.uk/.