09 July 2013

Identifying your USP - the Overlap between Design and Invention

Pat Ross is managing director of Genie Creative, a brand and marketing consultancy in Sheffield. 

On Monday 8 July 2013 he introduced Sheffield Inventors Group to the Unique Selling Point ("USP") which he defined as "a pre-defined difference (uniqueness)".that "sets you apart from your competitors and tells your customers what is special about you." He added "it is a key reason why those customers do business with you rather your competitors."

He then suggested a "few established and fairly simple ways" by which a business owner might find his or her USP:
  • Using his or her own personality
  • Exploring the intersection of ideas
  • Narrowing the target audience, and
  • Narrowing the topic.
He then presented his work for Bradfield Brewery as a case study.

Exploring the intersection of ideas is of course something that inventors do all the time. The example that Pat gave was the design of an office block in Harare that kept cool without air conditioning. The architect adapted the technique used by termites used to keep their mounds at an ambient temperature,   There are other overlaps between USPs and invention such as "narrowing the target audience" which is equivalent to "identifying the technical need" and "narrowing the topic" which is akin to developing the solution.

After the talk two of the Group's members presented their inventions to Pat and asked his advice on marketime them.  Pat gave other practical advice such as UK Steel Enterprise as a source of funding for innovation in South Yorkshire.  Pat invites inventors to contact him. An initial interview with him is free and his charges for subsequent work are flexible and affordable,  His number is 0114 234 8423 and his email is  pat@geniecreative.org.uk.

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