22 January 2011

Inventor Forum

Inventor Forum can best be described as a consultancy for private inventors. It was started by Simon Brown who is a private inventor who has brought his invention successfully to market.

According to the company's website,
"Simon recognized that he would have done a lot of things differently, and saved significant time and money in doing so. But there was nobody to turn to who could provide the upfront, comprehensive road map and basic knowledge that he really needed ... so Simon has set up Inventor Forum. Bringing together a range of people who have been directly involved in a number of successful invention-based businesses from 'ground zero;, Simon can give inventors access to the knowledge, experience and support of a network of business partners, associates and professional specialist advisers (lawyers, accountants, etc) who have proven they understand the needs of the inventor-entrepreneur."
The company provides this service in three stages:

1 an initial evaluation
  • 2 an extended consultation whereby Inventor Forum provides a comprehensive start-up guide with information on market research, intellectual property, tax, fund raising and so on; and
3. ongoing support and assistance.

Inventor Forum also offers services such as market research and pitched preparation to established businesses.

You can contact Simon at

Inventor Forum Ltd
Motivo House
Bluebell Road
BA20 2FG

Tel: +44(0)1935 475525

Mob: +44(0)788 9911493

You can also follow him on twitter and Linkedin.

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