17 January 2006

Commission seeks your Views on how to improve the Patent System in Europe

The European Commission has just announced a consultation on ways of improving the European patent system. Well where do we start. The subject matter includes the Community patent but also the EPO's patent litigation project and much, much more.

For the background, see today's post in our IP/it Update blog. Sadly, the computer generated URL link doesn't work but you can get to it by scrolling down to 17 Jan 2006. It is the second of today's posts.

As I say in my post, over the next few weeks I shall be bringing it to the attention of all the groups of which I am a member and I hope for a big response from inventors and others from the UK.


Mr Chesswas said...

A very Interesting business you are in. I shall follow your blog with interest. Would you be available for discussion online at all via any means.

John Lambert said...

Thanks for your comment, Mr Chesswas.

If you are interested in IP and technology law you may wish to have a look at my IP/it-Update blog which is aimed at specialist solicitors and patent agents, but contains a lot of material that appears to interest the general public. You should find a hypertext link to that blog at the top right hand corner of this blog.

As for online discussion I am thinking of extending the IP workshop that I do for the Huddersfield Business Generator between 11:00 and 13:00 on the last Friday of every month (see www.hip.org/events.htm) online as soon as I can think of a sensible way of doing it. I was thinking of giving an hour or so at a specified time each month or week for such discussion.

The problem is finding time for all these things. I am a barrister and my practice has to take priority.