04 October 2005

Tips for Inventors - No. 1

This is the first of a series of tips for independent inventors and SME. Some of them may also be of use to those working for large companies and universities but they usually have ready access to skilled professional advice.

Tip No 1 No Property in an Idea
An essential point to grasp at the outset is that there is no property in an idea. The use or disclosure of an idea divulged in confidence may be prevented. So, too, may the copying of a document recording an idea, the making of an article to a design or doing anything for which a state has granted a monopoly. But an idea, as such, is as free as the air and rain. Anyone can make use of a freely expressed idea just as anyone is free to harness the wind to sail a boat on a pond or channel rainwater that falls on his roof into a barrel.
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