13 October 2005

IPR Talk: I give up

Over the last few weeks I have been covering in this blog a debate on anomalies in patent law and whether the law disadvantages individual inventors and SME on IPR Talk which is proceeding sub nom "I give up". One of the contributors to that channel was a patent agent who comes from Huddersfield. He congratulated me on putting "Huddersfield on the IP map". Of course, I didn't. There was lots going on before I started and I tried to say so in the following post:

“I was not the one to put Huddersfield on the IP map.

Carol Cook taught IP law for years at Huddersfield law school before she was recruited to set up the vocational course at BPP Law School in Manchester. In Jan 1998 she hosted a first rate seminar with speakers from Addleshaws, Eversheds, Cobbetts, the University, the Scots Bar and NIPC.

We had a great open day on 18 Feb 2005 with Trevor Baylis (see
www.brassfromgumption.org.uk ) and we now have a Huddersfield IP Forum (see www.hip.org.uk ).

There are two firms of patent agents in Huddersfield, Appleyard Lees and David Lister. Harrison Goddard Foote, Bailey Walsh and Janet Bray are also quite near. TM agent Caren Burchill is also keen to lend a hand.

Professor Thompson of the Business School, John Edmonds and Jacquie Asquith of the Business Generator have done much to raise IP awareness.

Please convey the best wishes of everyone at NIPC to Chris and Sybil Goodman and also to Helen Johnstone and Ian Buchan of your firm.”

For some reason or other that I do not understand, this post was refused and the refusal was accompanied by a rather cheeky message. I did ask why but the moderator never bothered to respond. As I could not post this message on IPRTalk I have put it up here. Incidentally, I don't propose to waste any more time in the IPR Talk channel so if anyone wants to debate issues such as the one I mention above with me he or she will have to do it here.

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