31 October 2005

Bmedi@ - Brilliance in Bradford

Bmedi@ is a network of media, new media and technology related businesses in and around Bradford. NIPC is proud to be a full member as we are of several similar initiatives in other areas. Our fellow members are in all sorts of industries ranging from animation & 3D development, copyrighting, design, e-commerce, education and training, film and video production, financial services, marketing, multimedia, software, translation, web design and much, much more.

Bmedi@ has a very full programme of events and we shall be kicking off the new year with a special evening on 17 Jan 2006. Lucas Bateman, legal adviser to COE Limited and, until recently, IP partner at Cobbetts, Leeds office and I will focus on the IP opportunities and pitfalls facing most of the members of the Bmedi@ network. Issues we shall cover will include such thorny questions as who owns work that is commissioned for clients, whether different rules apply to commissioned software, commissioned artwork and commissioned designs and, if so why, terms and conditions, funding and much, much more. We shall be sponsoring the wine and pizzas at the event, so we hope you will be our guests.

For further details of this and other events, call Stephanie Aldred on 01274 841326 email stephanie@bmedia.org.uk

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