11 September 2005

US Patent and Trade Mark Office helps Independent Inventors

One thing that our own Patent Office would do well to consider is a resources page for independent inventors. The US Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO) has one and very good it is too.

The home page describes the role of the USPTO and its history. The index page contains basic information about patents (which in the USA are available for designs and plant varieties as well as inventions), copyrights and trade marks (spelt as one word in US dialect). There is a links panel to some useful downloadable brochures and a complaints button for invention promotion companies. It's good to know that they are doing something about this problem over there, especially since many of the invention promotion companies operating here are based in the USA. Similar information is available on our Patent Office website but it is spread over several pages and you have to know your way around that site to use it to best advantage.

Another thing that our Patent Office could consider is an independent inventors' conference. They have just held their tenth at the USPTO's head office. The cost was very reasonable (US$90 about £50 in real money) with a US$10 (£5.50) discount for those over 55. Very interesting it looked too.

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