07 September 2005

Leeds Inventors Club: Turning Ideas Into Reality

Brian Corbett and Bob Middleton

"The Genica Programme: Turning Ideas into Reality"

Leeds Central Library
21 Sep 2005
18:00 - 20:00
Call (0113) 2478266

We are all very sorry to learn that Dr Barry Stoddart is to have medical treatment later this month that will delay his speaking to the Leeds Inventors Group on 21 Sep 2005. Everyone in Leeds sends him good wishes for a full and speedy recovery and look forward to his talk on 21 December 2005. Ged and Stef will see whether they can get in some mince pies and something stronger than tea or coffee to make Barry feel especially welcome.

We are however delighted to be able to bring forward two speakers we had intended to approach in the New Year, Brian Corbett and Bob Middleton of Robinson-Chadburn. Their latest project is the "Genica Programme". Genica "helps entrepreneurs and inventors turn their ideas into reality." This is a series of workshops and one-to-one meetings to help inventors and business people identify possible applications for their inventions and to present them to the market in a way that appeals to users and consumers. The whole programme would take much longer than the time available but Brian and Bob have promised to give us a taster.

Brian and Bob were very much involved in the UMIC awards mentioned in my last post, "Examples of What can be Done". They will complement Peter Bissell on "The Business of Invention" on 19 Oct 2005 and the UMIC award winners Terry and Clayton on 16 Nov 2005.

Leeds Inventors' Group now has its own web page on the Leeds City Council website and NIPC is working on a website for them similar to the Huddersfield site. Photos of the first event on 20 July which Lawrence Smith-Higgins launched are above.

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