Jane Lambert lecturing in London
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Jane Lambert

21 Jan 2017

This is a resource for inventors of every kind. Not just retired gentlemen tinkering in workshops or garages on a piece of machinery (though we welcome them too) but kids who develop phone apps and other kinds of software, designers of all kinds and those who deliver services in an innovative way.

Our aspiration is to offer a whole range of commercial, design, educational, financial, legal, marketing, scientific and technical services for inventors at national and local level, just as KIPA does in South Korea. Wherever possible we shall try to work with other groups such as other inventors clubs, libraries, professional advisors and institutions like the local enterprise partnerships and the Intellectual Property Office.

At present, our main service is reliable information and connections mainly over the internet through this website and our Linkedin group and other social media services. We also hold IP clinics in London and Yorkshire which we are trying to develop into a national service. At present, clients book consultations with me on an ad hoc basis

We do not charge anything for our services though that will change when we have to hire premises and other facilities and pay people. There us as yet no formal membership but it make it easier for us to look after you if you were to join our Linkedin group or otherwise let us know who you are.