Services for Inventors

Jane Lambert

21 Jan 2017 Revised 3 July 2017

I described the services that I offer on the Services page of the NIPC Law website. Here are some of the services that I offer specifically to inventors.

Unless you are employed in R & D or new product development department you may well need advice on the optimum legal protection for your invention. I can help you that by identifying patentable or otherwise legally protectable inventions and other intellectual assets and the optimum way of protecting them through IP audits that I can help you design and set up. I can show you how to integrate your IP strategy with your business plan. If you intend to instruct a patent attorney I can help you find the ones who are best placed to act for you. I can also help you find a specialist insurer who can arrange cover in case someone infringes or tries to revoke any patent or some other IP right that you may be granted.

If an examiner rejects your application for a patent I can assist you or your attorney to appeal to a hearing officer or board of appeal. I can tell you whether you have a case and, if you do, draft your appeal, help you marshal your evidence and represent you at the hearing and any subsequent proceedings.

If anyone claims to have invented your invention or otherwise to be entitled to your patent application or patent, I can assess the strength of his or her claim, draft statements of case, review and edit evidence and represent you before the hearing officer or some other tribunal.

If you made the invention in the course of your employment and you do not believe that you have been rewarded sufficiently for your ingenuity, I can advise you whether you have a claim for compensation under s.40 of the Patents Act 1977. If you do I can draft your statement of case and represent you in negotiations and any hearing that may arise.

If you want to sell or mortgage your invention or grant a licence over it, I can represent you in negotiations. I can also draft or review any licence agreement, assignment or some other instrument that you may wish to enter.

Finally, if think that someone may have infringed your patent I can advise you whether that is the case. If you want an examiner’s opinion on whether a patent is valid or has been infringed, I can draft your request for an opinion. If you want to bring infringement proceedings I can draft your particulars of claim and represent you in proceedings before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court or Patents Court.

Most of my services are chargeable (though I price competitively) but I hold regular monthly IP clinics in London and the North at which I offer up to 30 minutes of my time at no cost.

If you wish to discuss any of these matters, get an estimate or instruct me, call me on +44 (0)20 7404 5252 during office hours or send me a message through my contact form.