06 March 2018

Trevor Baylis

Trevor Baylis CBE
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Jane Lambert

I am very sorry to learn of the death of the inventor, Trevor Baylis CBE. I met him on two occasions.  The first was the Brass from Gumption  event at the Huddersfield Media Centre and the University of Huddersfield  on 18 Feb 2005 where Mr Baylis ran a brainstorming session (see Bright Ideas Get a Boost 26 Jan 2005 Huddersfield Examiner). The second was at an LES meeting in Leeds hosted by Liz Ward at her previous law firm.

Mr Baylis founded the business Trevor Baylis Bands which has published his biography on its website. It will be seen that he was a remarkable man and although I did not see eye-to-eye with on everything - particularly not criminal liability for patent infringement which I debated with him on at least one occasion - I had a lot of time for him.

I offer his family, friends and connections my sincere condolences.

Free Digital Skills Training and Coaching

Jane Lambert

An issue that I have found with many inventors is that while they may be very good at finding technical solutions to life's problems they are not always very good at making money from their inventions. One of the reasons for that is that they have never had any training in business or digital skills.

One place where they can acquire such skills is a Google Digital Garage of which there are now three in the United Kingdom:
Training is also available online.  Classes range from "First Steps Online" for absolute beginners to coding and there is also one-to-one coaching.   

Yesterday I visited the Manchester Digital Garage where i received some coaching in domain name direction and attended an hour's class in web design where we all made a simple website using Google sites.   You can read about what happened in Visit to Manchester's Google Digital Garage 6 March 2018 IP North West.

There are Google Digital Garages or similar initiatives in many other countries including Africa, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France. Germany, India, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

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