17 October 2014

Jackie Hutter's Articles on Strategic Patenting

As readers of this and my other blogs know, I am something of a fan of Jackie Hutter. Jackie is a US intellectual property lawyer with a difference. She describes herself as a “recovering patent attorney”and a member of the pioneering ranks of intellectual property (“IP”) strategists. If your next question is: "What is an IP strategist?" Jackie supplies the answer.

Jackie has just written four articles on strategic patenting which apply at least as much to the UK as they do to the USA.  I can do no better than supply the links:
  1. Why So Few Patents Create Real Value
  2. It’s Not Your Patent Attorney’s Job to Get it Right
  3. Why (Almost) Every Innovator Fails to Maximize Patent Value, and
  4. A Case Study of Success.
When you think of the cost and complexity of patent prosecution and enforcement in this country inventors you can see why her advice applies at least as much here as there.

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