12 July 2011

Sheffield Inventors Group: Taking Products to Market

The guest speaker at Sheffield Inventors Group on 4 July 2011 was Mr. Richard Campos of Richard Camps Business Support Ltd. The title of his talk was Taking Products to Market. Here are his slides:

Richard illustrated his talk with a case study. He brandished a sheet of plain white plastic leaving us to guess what it was. It turned out to be a board to place under doors, skirting boards and other edges while painting. That simple invention had been turned into a successful product by successful placing on a home shopping channel.
Everyone gained a wealth of tips from that talk on:
  • market research - particularly the use of focus groups
  • tailoring IP protection to a specific need
  • adequate terms and conditions
and many other topics.

The Sheffield Inventors Group meets at Sheffield Central Library in Surrey Street on the first Monday of every month. Click here if you want to be notified of future events.

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Gnstr said...

Looks good, but slide 11 to 20 cannot be viewed, and you get an error. Need to be re-uploaded.