05 October 2005


In one of the most fascinating Manchester Inventor Group evenings ever, inventor Nick Rawcliff discussed his appearance on "Dragons' Den". He and his business partner Paddy Radcliffe had invented the "snowbone", a a handlebar device that fits onto a snowboard. Something of which the "Snowheads" snowboarding forum appear to disapprove.

Nick and Paddy requested £75k. Only one of the panel, Rachel Elnaugh was prepared to invest in them. Unfortunately, her company Red Letter Days came unstuck not long afterwards and is now under new management. Consequently they never did get their money. Nick and Paddy have not given up. They have a product that I, for one, would like to try. Despite the disappointments they are hanging in there and we all wish them the best of luck.

After the talk, the chair listed some of the sources of help and funding that is available. The evening was over far too quickly.

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